Monday, January 21, 2013

Oliver Tate Marchant

Welcome to the world Oliver Tate Marchant!! 
Born Friday January 11th, 2013 
at 11:39am
7lbs 11ozs    19 inches 

We are so excited to finally have little Oliver in our family. My labor and delivery isn't all that exciting of a story. I am lucky (at least I think so) to have a doctor that likes to schedule inductions. There are a number of reasons why we do so. The business, having my mother-in-law here to watch the boys, but mostly I couldn't handle the idea of having to be pregnant another day. So we scheduled to welcome our little guy on Friday the 11th, six days early. 

Brendan and I had to be at the hospital bright and early, 6am. Blah. After finally getting admitted, waiting for Oliver to wake up and move a little so they could do a stress test on him, and getting the IV hooked up it was already 8. My doctor came in and broke my water. Then the nurse got the pitocin going. 

As soon as I get into the hospital I request for my epidural. Luckily I asked right away, because anesthesiology was really busy that morning. After I got my epidural I got as comfy as I could and waited. 

Around 11am, the epidural was wearing off a little bit. We got the anesthesiologist to come back and up it. And boy did he up it, I couldn't move my legs (I'm not complaining . It was around 11:30am when the anesthesiologist finally finished and it had been a little over an hour since the nurse had checked my progress and at that time I was only 4 cm dilated. Boy was she in for a surprise. I was ready to go! She was not. She rushed to call my doctor and to get the room prepped. The nurse had to lift my legs into the stirrups and I started to push. One contraction and three pushes and Oliver was out. 

So far Oliver has been a little sweetie (knock on wood). He still hasn't hit his two-week mark so he could surprise us with an awesome personality or not. I think he knows how crazy and energetic his brothers are so he's giving his momma a break. 

On a side note, I think the second best part of the day was being able to have my mom there with me. She wasn't suppose to come to see Oliver at all. My parents had just left in mid-December to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. They should have been in Spain already but visas have been backed up for months, so they were still in Utah waiting. She called two days before having Oliver and asked if she could come for the birth. Of course!!!!

It was wonderful being able to have my mom and mother-in-law here. My mom only stayed a few short days. But Mary Ann stayed a week and a half. Cruz and Beckham were in heaven with all of the attention they got from her. I was heaven being able to sleep in and not having to worry about making any meals for my family.


Rachel and Tyler said...

What...You had your baby!!!

He is so cute. I want to come and hold him. Congrats!!!!

Jershelly said...

Wow! You did progress fast at the end. And you are lucky to get your epidural so soon.

I can't wait to meet little Oliver some day.