Monday, January 21, 2013

Oliver Tate Marchant

Welcome to the world Oliver Tate Marchant!! 
Born Friday January 11th, 2013 
at 11:39am
7lbs 11ozs    19 inches 

We are so excited to finally have little Oliver in our family. My labor and delivery isn't all that exciting of a story. I am lucky (at least I think so) to have a doctor that likes to schedule inductions. There are a number of reasons why we do so. The business, having my mother-in-law here to watch the boys, but mostly I couldn't handle the idea of having to be pregnant another day. So we scheduled to welcome our little guy on Friday the 11th, six days early. 

Brendan and I had to be at the hospital bright and early, 6am. Blah. After finally getting admitted, waiting for Oliver to wake up and move a little so they could do a stress test on him, and getting the IV hooked up it was already 8. My doctor came in and broke my water. Then the nurse got the pitocin going. 

As soon as I get into the hospital I request for my epidural. Luckily I asked right away, because anesthesiology was really busy that morning. After I got my epidural I got as comfy as I could and waited. 

Around 11am, the epidural was wearing off a little bit. We got the anesthesiologist to come back and up it. And boy did he up it, I couldn't move my legs (I'm not complaining . It was around 11:30am when the anesthesiologist finally finished and it had been a little over an hour since the nurse had checked my progress and at that time I was only 4 cm dilated. Boy was she in for a surprise. I was ready to go! She was not. She rushed to call my doctor and to get the room prepped. The nurse had to lift my legs into the stirrups and I started to push. One contraction and three pushes and Oliver was out. 

So far Oliver has been a little sweetie (knock on wood). He still hasn't hit his two-week mark so he could surprise us with an awesome personality or not. I think he knows how crazy and energetic his brothers are so he's giving his momma a break. 

On a side note, I think the second best part of the day was being able to have my mom there with me. She wasn't suppose to come to see Oliver at all. My parents had just left in mid-December to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. They should have been in Spain already but visas have been backed up for months, so they were still in Utah waiting. She called two days before having Oliver and asked if she could come for the birth. Of course!!!!

It was wonderful being able to have my mom and mother-in-law here. My mom only stayed a few short days. But Mary Ann stayed a week and a half. Cruz and Beckham were in heaven with all of the attention they got from her. I was heaven being able to sleep in and not having to worry about making any meals for my family.

Oliver Newborn Pics

Last Tuesday I had my good friend, Melissa, come over and take some pictures of Oliver and the big boys. Photography is just a hobby for her. I have always been impressed with the her everyday family pictures she posts on her blog. I think she did a fantastic job! She caught images of my little family that I was always hold dear to my heart.


This is by far my favorite. It captures so much about my boys. Cruz with his constant dirty feet, Beckham with his constant dirty face, and how much they love each other.

I'm going to have another thumb sucker (great!)

Can I just say how much I love Beckham's eyes.

"K Mom, I'm done."

Monday, May 7, 2012

Ketchup! Mustard!

Yet again another catch-up post. When am I going to learn that it is way easier to just do lot's of short posts then one really long one? We will see how long this really is though. Our life really isn't that interesting. So what have we been up to the last few months?

-Cruz turned 4 in January. He is finally beginning (beginning) to mellow out. He is still full of LOT's of energy, but at least he doesn't have that crazy energy anymore. He is always smiling (except when he is in time-out).

-Beckham is now 23 months. He runs around like he is as big as Cruz (which he almost is). Cruz weighs 32lbs and Beckham weighs 27lbs.

-Brendan turned the big 3-2 in January

-I turned the big 2-9 in March. It's weird to think that I'll be 30 in a year (I hate it when people say that and I just said it). Thirty isn't that old, but to go from 29 to 30 seems like a big jump.

-In December we discovered that Brendan has an eye disease called "Keratoconus". He has gone about 10 years with a number of diagnosis's, but we finally hit the nail on the head. Basically his cornea is thinning causing it to make a cone shape instead of a sphere. He has to wear hard contacts that are about the size of the tip of a pencil eraser. And they cost a whopping $250 per contact (my heart starts beating a little faster every time I think about that). He went from seeing 20/80 with corrected vision to 20/20. He literally was seeing a whole new world when he got his new contacts. I was little afraid that he might have ran for the hills after he finally saw what I really look like.  :)

-Thanks to Daddy's amazing vision, Cruz now get's to wear glasses. They are pretty darn cute on him. They are bright orange.

-We are settling into the place. I still have yet to finish painting. I am a complete slacker. Hence no new posts. :) I love it here. I knew I would like it, but didn't think I would love it. Every time I drive home I am in awe of how beautiful it is where we live now and I can't believe we were so blessed with this house. I actually see myself staying in Olympia for quite some time now.

- We are slowly turning into little mini farmers. Ok, Brendan really is the one turning into the farmer. I just try to support his new found love of working outside. Brendan is friends with a guy who is friends with the largest local fruit producer in our area. We got hooked up with blueberry and raspberry bushes from said fruit producer's personal farm. We will also soon be planting a garden that Brendan plans on being able to feed us all year long on (I don't know if the last part is true, but I sometimes wonder).

-We got chickens today. Ten of them!!

-We got a dog...... for a week. She was a rescue dog and was already 2-years-old. Beckham tried climbing on her one day and she growled and nipped him in the knuckle. Beckham thought it was hilarious, me, not so much. A day later he crawled up to her, put his hand on her thigh and she did it again (minus making contact with the knuckle). Needless to say, she went back. It was a good learning experience though.... I learned that I am not a dog person.

-I started watching a little girl from the ward in October. She is 3 and is a little diva. I don't know if I want any girls now. Just kidding. The first few months were tough with her. It was an adjustment for her and Cruz. They both fought over who was the alpha. But, suddenly one day things changed. Cruz and Jazlyn played all day and there were absolutely no fights. This actually happened on my birthday (it was the best birthday present I could have asked for). I don't watch her for the money (but that is a nice plus), but because I have been in that same position before. As a mother you feel a little less guilty having to leave your child to go to work when you know he/she is in good hands (ok, maybe she isn't in that good of hands with me).

-We are going into our 7th year of business and are still going strong.

-In December, Brendan and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. Man, I have an amazing husband!! I sometimes want to strangle him, but I would be lost without him.

Ok, that has really wracked my brain. I think that is the gist of everything that has been going on here. Hopefully you'll hear back from me soon. But I can't make any promises. :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Cribs Tour

So it's about time I posted pics of our new hacienda. We have been so blessed to get this place, because there is no way we deserved it. I'm still in awe that it is ours. Maybe part of that reason is because it was such a LONG, drawn out process. We put an offer on the house in the beginning of February and finally closed on July 29th. Short Sales are by no means short. Every step of the way there were hurdles to jump over. And there were many times we thought we were going to loose the place. But, after every hurdle things actually ended up being in our favor. Heavenly Father was definitely blessing us every step of the way. This was one of those testimony builders on prayers being answered in unexpected ways.

Its not perfect, and there is going to be a lot of sweat equity that is going to be going into this place. But it will all be worth it. These are the pictures from the home inspection. I'll post some "after" shots after we are settled in and the painting is all done.

View from the front yard

View from porch to front yard

Entry Way

Living room which is going to be the boy's playroom

Family Room

Who thought blue/gray foe painted wood grain cabinets would look good?
There are plans to redo and expand the kitchen in the future.

Dining Room

Guest bedroom. Nice mural huh?


Monday, July 25, 2011

Beckham's 1st Birthday

Bad mom of the year award goes to....... me!! Beckham had his 1st birthday on June 18th and I am just barely blogging about it? It amazes me how many less pictures we have of Beckham compared to Cruz. I can't believe that Beckham is already 1. It has gone by so fast.

-He is such a little sweetie.
-He loves to snuggle. He is a blanket whore. If something even resembles the feel of a blanket, he will snuggle with it and suck his thumb. Especially when he is tired.
-He weighs 4lbs less then Cruz.
-He is much more sensitive then Cruz (But that is not a hard thing to beat).
-He is a little smarty pants. He can somehow unlock my phone and turn it on and off. He will find a way to get to something he wants.
-The temper-tantrums have already begun. It makes me laugh when he doesn't get his way (we'll see how long that last for).

For his birthday we spent if with just the four of us. Nothing exciting, but that's us Marchant's. We don't want to make things a big deal now, because then every year has to be better then the next. I made ice cream cone cupcakes. Don't you love my first ever attempt at piping icing? We bought Beckham some tools so he could have some to call his own (Cruz is very possesive of his tools). But that plan backfired on us. Cruz ended up comadeering them.
Beckham kept getting icing up his nose.

Daddy loves to torcher (sp?) the boys
whenever he gets a chance. And notice Cruz taking his chance
to take the screwdriver away from Beckham.

Happy Birthday Beckham!! We love you!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fun Around House

Nothing much has happened here this past week. As usual.

I started potty training Cruz last Tuesday and I think we've got it. Well, I still have to remind him to go, so if that counts as potty trained, then we got it. Still haven't worked on the night time pottying. I'm way to tired and lazy to do that yet.

Beckham is Beckham. He plays so well. I don't know if he is just better then Cruz was or we just have more toys to keep him occupied now. He pulls himself up onto everything and army/real crawls all around the house. He looks like he is drunk when he real crawls. It's pretty cute. He has learned to open cupboards. But, HaHa, he will never get our kitchen cabinets open. Who's the fool now?

Here are a few pics I took around the house today (minus the video, that was last week).

"No, he's getting my toys!!!"

I still can't get over how big Beckham's eyes are.
It is an unusual day if somebody doesn't say anything about his ginourmous eyes.

Cruz loves this toy more then Beckham.
But Cruz can also be more of a baby then Beckham

Beckham is trying to "play" with Cruz more and more.
As much as Cruz will let him.

If there was a Construction Worker Hero that would be Cruz

My Little Minion

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fun with the Fam

Over the weekend we went and visited my brother and his family up in Bellingham, WA. We love being so close and seeing them. Cruz has so much fun with his cousins and Brendan and I have so much fun hanging out with Jeff and Susan.
Saturday we drove up to Vancouver, Canada and went to the Aquarium. Cruz had fun, but he would look at the fish for about 10 seconds and then want to see the next thing. I really need to work on his attention span. That night we go a babysitter, left all of the wild children, and went on a much needed double date.

Playing in the fountain while Aunt Susan waited in line

This dolphin would stay there to let you take pictures

Susan, Baby Gabe, Me, with Grace (12) and Cruz in the background

Josie (5), Emmett (2), & Cruz (3)

Emmett, Jeff, Me, Cruz

The next day we tried watching conference and then went on a hike down to the beach.